Karen Gonzalez
Karen Gonzalez
Writer, Speaker, Immigrant Advocate

Upcoming Book

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Published by Herald Press

Spring 2019


While my book title is still being decided, it is a personal narrative of my immigration story from Guatemala to the United States, weaved with theological reflections of some of the immigrants in the Bible. The book follows the metanarrative of the Bible that grafts strangers or immigrants into the family of God.

Here is the really inspired description that I submitted to the publisher:

Karen Gonzalez’s spiritual memoir shares an immigrant’s journey to and within America, including finding God in the midst of language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, and tremendous pressure to assimilate.

This memoir poignantly weaves in narratives of loss, alienation, and belonging as Gonzalez traces the steps of her family from the instability and rumblings of war in Guatemala to the making of their American lives in South Central LA and, eventually, the suburbs of South Florida.

From the sorrow of losing a country to political turmoil to the joys of reuniting a family in another, this compelling story will inspire you and help you see how hospitality and community, no matter how flawed, can pave the way toward faith and transformation.